Access,  the online Project/Programme Sustainability Logbook users' platform, mirrors the offline logbook that is supplied as an Excel workbook. is more flexible that the offline version since provides considerably more information and assistance to users, and can be used in several different ways.

A PPSL logbook, whether offline or online, is structured so that a project or programme team chooses relevant issues and objectives for sustainable development. A total of 63  issues or objectives organised under 14 themes covering each of the four dimensions of sustainable development are provided. Others can be added if necessary.

The Project/Programme Sustainability Logbook system initially focussed on project sustainability, hence the titles of most of the components that make up the system. The system later evolved to encompass programmes and today the online platform aims to encompass the entire PPSL system while maintaining the original project-oriented content.

PPSL Logbook

The issues and objectives are organised in the PPSL Logbook as follows:

Overall Monitoring Table

An Overall Monotoring Table that is completed while the project or programme is being developed. This table gives: 

  • the issues and objectives that have been selected;
  • the reference frameworks to be used for each issue or objective as the basis for performance targets, indicators and methods of evaluation; 
  • details of the performance targets, indicators and methods of evaluation.
Monitoring Table

At each phase of the project or programme, Monitoring Tables are completed in order to specify performance targets, indicators and methods of evaluation.

Anyone consulting a logbook can therefore easily identify what was planned for the project or programme and what has been achieved at each phase, from planning through to the end-of-life.

PPSL Guidance

The main sources of guidance for working with a logbook, both offline using the Excel workbook or online using the user's platform are:

PSL Guidelines

PPSL Explanatory Notes

Explanatory Notes given in the PPSL Guidelines detail the four dimensions of sustainability and how they are organised into 63 potential objectives or issues that might be selected for specific projects or programme. These notes are available on the platform for each issue or objective.

PSL Repertoire

PPSL Repertoire

The data repository, or PPSL Documentation, for the reference frameworks is the PPSL Repertoire. Relevant entries are available on users' platform (account required) for each issue or objective.

PSL User Instructions

PPSL User Instructions

The PPSL User Instructions help users set up and manage a logbook. The are available on While focussing primarily on an offline Excel-based logbook, the manual provides useful guidance for those using the users' platform to host a logbook


PSL Monitoring Tables

The PPSL Monitoring Tables structure the sustainability issues and objects and provide colums  in the Overall Monitoring Table to specify the overall Priority, the Reference Frameworks used, and Target Performance.

The Monitoring Tables for the five project phases carry forward the Overall Monitoring Table entries and provide columns for Operational Response and for Outcomes.