Instructions on how to set up a PPSL logbook

PSL User Instructions

A Project/Programme Sustainability Logbook system's logbook aims to accompany a building or a facility, a group of buildings or facilities, and even a group of assets under a programme, throughout the project or programme's lifetime using regularly updated benchmarks.

The PPSL logbook comprises  a series of worksheets that allows a user to establish and then monitor sustainability issues and objectives.

To help users complete a logbook, the PSL Repertoire, part of the PPSL Documentation, provides information for each of the PPSL sustainability themes that covers regulations, laws, standards, and benchmarks which are applied worldwide, in Europe and in a given country.

The PPSL User Instructions describe the step-by-step process by which a logbook is completed using the information from the PSL Repertoire to complete Monitoring Tables.

The PPSL User Instructions initially focussed on project sustainability, hence their early title, the ProjectSustainability Logbook user instructions. The Project Sustainability Logbook system later evolved to encompass programmes and today the PPSL User Instructions are part of the PPSL system.


The PPSL User Instructions contents:

1. How to set up a PSL workbook

  • A PSL workbook – a built asset
  • A unique identification by built asset
  • The built asset’s PSL workbook
  • Possible issues and/or objectives
  • Confirming the issues and/or objectives
  • Entering the performance targets, methods of evaluation and benchmarks
  • Editing and controlling entries
  • Estimating the impact of the choices for sustainable development
  • Summary: the eight steps for setting up a PSL workbook

2. How to use the PSL to monitor progress

  • Overall monitoring worksheet
  • Planning Phase worksheet
  • Design phase worksheet
  • Construction Phase worksheet
  • Operation Phase worksheet
  • End-of-Life Phase worksheet


A PPSL logbook comprises an Overall Monitoring Table, and Monitoring Tables for each project phase.

A PPSL logbook is set up by completing the Overall Monitoring table and then moving on to the Monitoring Table for the planning phase.

The tables can be completed:

  • online using the user's platform;
  • offline using the PPSL Monitoring Tables Excel workbook.

Details in the PPSL User Instructions mainly apply to the offline Excel version. However, the same principles and approach apply to the online version.

Further guidance

Eight steps to set up a PPSL logbook

Examples of how an Overall Monitoring Table is completed:

  • Governance dimension: Risk management
  • Social/society dimension: Job creation
  • Environment dimension: Tackling light and sound pollution
  • Economic dimension: Risk limitation costs

An Overall Monitoring Table example


The PPSL User Instructions (1st Edition 2014) are available as follows:

  • Online, browse-only.
  • Soft copy (encrypted PDF) in the soft-copy version of the PSL Toolbox available from the FIDIC Bookshop.