Detailed information to complete a PPSL logbook

PSL Repertoire

The Project/Programme Sustainability Logbook (PSL) Repertoire provides detailed information about reference frameworks with their issues and objectives for sustainability, performance targets, and evaluation methods that can be consdered for a project or programme..

The information covers, at the international and European levels, existing legislation, regulations and standards as well as the main assessment/rating systems for buildings and infrastructure and their related benchmarking tools.

The Repertoire initially focussed on project sustainability, hence the title the early title, the Project Sustainability Logbook. The Project Sustainability Logbook system later evolved to encompass programmes and today the PPSL Repertoire is part of the PPSL system.


The Project Sustainability Logbook (PSL) Repertoire:

  • Uses the PPSL system's approach to present agreements, legislation, standards, major assessment/rating systems, etc. for each of the 63 issues and objectives considered in PSL Guidelines for a specific project or programme.
  • Provides the information needed to set up and complete a PPSL logbook.
  • Aims to summarise major official agreements, commitments and standards, and major assessment/rating systems such as LEED, BREEAM, HQE, etc. It includes examples of indicators, target performance and methods of evaluation that can be used in specific projects or programmes.
  • Structured as 63 information sheets corresponding to each of the 63 issues and objectives of the PSL Guidelines (see example of an information sheet)
  • Acts an international database on progress through regular updating via contributions by members of the PPSL user community.


The PPSL Repertoire contents are:

  • Introducting the PPSL Repertoire
  • PPSL Information Sheets

PPSL Information Sheets

The PPSL Repertoire Information Sheets (see example) are organised under several headings corresponding for the most part to the PPSL Monitoring Tables' columns:

  • Dimension
  • Theme
  • Issue or objective
  • General documentation: comprehensive descriptions of the issues and objectives drafted by PPSL experts organised under various categories (international, regional, national). The descriptions cover the main regulations, standards, etc. relating to the issues and objectives. They are not exhaustive, and are classified in decreasing importance with links to further information (links, given as underlined words, are only active in the user's platform which is available as a subscription service).
  • Assessment/rating systems: providing a directory of the major assessment and rating systems (LEED, USA; BREEAM, UK; CASBEE, Japan; DGNB, Germany; HQE, France) organised under various categories (international, regional, national).
  • Examples of indicators and performance targets: can be used for PPSL issues and objectives in specific projects or programmes.

National Information Sheets

General documentation and assessment systems recorded in the PPSL Repertoire’s Information Sheets are currently classified under two sections: ‘International”, and ‘European’. 

An additional 'National' section may be documented in each Information Sheet by EFCA and FIDIC Member Associations and their partners which propose a national PPSL.

Currently there are PPSL Repertoires with national information for:

  • France (CBDD)
  • Morocco (CBDDMO)
  • Iran (PSLIR).


The PPSL Repertoire (updated 2013; without national Information Sheets) is available as follows:

  • Online, browse-only.
  • Soft copy (encrypted PDF) in the soft-copy version of the PPSL Toolbox available from the FIDIC Bookshop.