The core of the PPSL system are monitoring tables to structure information 

PSL Monitoring Tables

A PPSL logbook is a structured support tool comprising a series of monitoring tables (or worksheets) that allows a user to define and then monitor sustainability issues and objectives.

The tables are organised as follows:

1. Overall monitoring table

An overall summary table that is completed while the project or programme is being developed. This table gives: 

  • the issues and objectives that have been selected;
  • the reference frameworks to be used for each issue or objective as the basis for performance targets, indicators and methods of evaluation; 
  • details of the performance targets, indicators and methods of evaluation.

2. Monitoring tables

At each phase of the project or programme, monitoring tables are completed in order to specify performance targets, indicators and methods of evaluation.

The summary table is carried forward so  those consulting a PPSL logbook can therefore easily identify what was planned for the project or programme and what has been achieved at each phase, from planning through to the end-of-life.


1. Summary table

Table columns:

  • Sustainabiliry Dimension
  • Sustainability Theme
  • Sustainability Issue or Objective
  • Priority
  • Reference Frameworks considered
  • Target Performance
  • Assessment Methodology

2. Monitoring tables during operational phases

For phases: 

  • Planning
  • Design
  • Construction
  • Operation
  • End-of-Life

Table colums for each phase:

  • Sustainability Dimension (from Overall)
  • Sustainability Theme (from Overall)
  • Sustainability Issue or Objective (from Overall)
  • Priority (from Overall)
  • Operational Response
  • Parameters and Indicators
  • Outcomes

Examples of Operational Responses

1. PPSL Monitoring Tables >>

  • Sustainability Dimension - Governance 
  • Objective - Risk

2. Phase - Design

  • Sustainability Dimension - Social / Society 
  • Issue - Job creation

3. Phase - Construction

  • Sustainability Dimension - Environment 
  • Issue - Tackling light and sound pollution

4. Phase - Economic

  • Sustainability Dimension - Environment 
  • Issue - Risk limitation costs


The PPSL Monitoring Tables (1st Edition 2013) are available as follows:

  • Online, browse-only.
  • On the users' platform.
  • Soft copy (Excel workbook) from the FIDIC Bookshop either with the hard- or soft-copy PSL Guidelines or as part of the soft-copy PPSL Toolbox.