Providing a common language and a general understanding of sustainability issues and objectives.

PSL Guidelines

The PPSL Explanatory Notes forming a major part of the PPSL Guidelines provide a common language and a general understanding to help apply the Information Sheets in the PPSL Repertoire to the PPSL Monitoring Tables.

A common language for sustainability is needed so that it can be shared by stakeholders in:

  • selecting issues and objectives for specific projects and programmes;
  • establishing monitoring tables for the life-cycle of a built asset. 


Issues and objectives identified and explained in the PPSL Explanatory Notes relate to  63 potential objectives or issues that might be selected for a specific project or programme. They are organised under 14 themes belonging to the four dimensions of sustainability.

The issues and objectives aim to cover all sustainable development objectives and issues from a holistic perspective of cities and communities.

Rethink Cities

A key document for understanding the holistic perspective is Rethink Cities, the FIDIC-EFCA white paper on sustainable urban development (see brochure in PDF).

The white paper presents the challenges resulting from society's hitherto unsustainable development which projects and programmes must now address.

Rethink Cities is available from the FIDIC Bookshop as in soft- and hard-copy either separately or as part of the FIDIC Sustainability Pack (see News item).


The titles of each of the issues or objectives described in  the PPSL Explanatory Notes taken from the PPSL Guidelines are listed separately.


The PSL Explanatory Notes from part of the PPSL Guidelines (1st Edition 2013) which are available as follows:

  • Online, browse-only (PPSL Explanatory Notes only; PSL Guidelines).
  • Online as an information source for completing a logbook on the user's platform.
  • Hard copy and soft copy (encrypted PDF) either separately or as part of the PPSL Toolbox available from the FIDIC Bookshop.