The Project/Programme Sustainability Logbook (PPSL)  is developed and made available as a system of linked resources for ensuring the sustainablity of a built environment project or programme. The system's PSL Toolbox comprises: 

  • - online PPSL user's platform
  • - online generic user's platform
  • PSL MONITORING TABLES - offline Excel and workbooks
  • PSL EXPLANATORY NOTES - from guidelines
  • PSL REPERTOIRE - Information Sheets 
  • PSL USER INSTRUCTIONS - offline Excel workbook user instructions
  • PROJECT SUSTAINABILITY LOGBOOK - guidelines (1st Ed 2013) 

The PSL Guidlines, Repertoire, User Instructions, and Monitoring Tables are available in various hard- and soft-copy formats. offers all of the PPSL system components (PSL Guidelines, Repertoire, User Instructions, and Monitoring Tables) as a user-friendly web service. 

A deeper menu level users' platform, the online PPSL user's platform, mirrors the offline PPSL logbook that is supplied as an Excel workbook. However, is more flexible, provides considerably more information to assist users, and can be used in several different ways.

PPSL Repertoire

The PPSL Repertoire, part of PPSL Documentation, provides information about reference frameworks for sustainability issues and objectives that can be consdered for a project or programme.

PPSL User Instructions

The PPSL User Instructions describe the step-by-step process by which a PPSL logbook is completed using the information from the PPSL Repertoire to complete summary and monitoring tables.

PPSL Monitoring Tables

A PPSL logbook is a structured support tool comprising a series of monitoring tables (or worksheets) that allows a user to define and then monitor sustainability issues and objectives.

PPSL Guidelines

The Project/Programme Sustainability Logbook guidelines describe how a PPSL logbook accompanies a building or a service infrastructure facility, or a group of buildings or facilities, throughout its lifetime using regularly updated benchmarks.

PPSL Explanatory Notes

The PPSL Explanatory Notes forming a major part of the PPSL Guidelines provide a common language and a general understanding to help apply the PPSL Information Sheets in the PPSL Repertoire to the PPSL Monitoring Tables.

PPSP generic users' site

The Project/Programme Sustainability Logbook (PPSL) platform site PPSP, a generic users' platform that integrate sustainability logbooks and indicators, has been replaced by the Urban Sustainability Management Platform (USMP) City Logbooks site that allows a user to create sustainability logbooks using both PPSL reference frameworks and standard indicator sets for cities.