The Project/Programme Sustainability Logbook (PPSL) system supports the holistic perspective for cities that the FIDIC-EFCA white paper Rethink Cities considers is essential if hitherto unsustainable development is to be corrected. 

Given below are resources that describe and build upon Rethink Cities.

  • Brochure PDF
  • Purchase hard copy from the FIDIC Bookshop
  • Stellan Fryxell website
  • Presentation by Stellan Fryxell (Chicago 2014) PDF
  • Presentation by Stellan Fryxell (UNEP 2013) PDF
  • Video presentation by Stellan Fryxell YouTube
  • Explore how to create urban spaces website
  • Climate Week, 2015, Paris announcement
  • Mapping of sustainable urban development models report PDF