PSL Guidelines

The Project/Programme Sustainability Logbook (PSL) Toolbox comprises the five linked offline PPSL resources that support the sustainable development of a project or programme in the built environment project, namely:


  • Project Sustainability Logbook - guidelines
  • PSL Repertoire - directory
  • PSL Monitoring Tables - Excel workbook
  • PSL Explanatory Notes - taken from the PSL Guidelines
  • PSL User Instructions - workbook instructions

Each is available in soft copy  from the FIDIC Bookshop.

The Project Sustainability Logbook guidelines are also available in hard copy from the FIDIC Bookshop.

All these resources are embedded in the users' platform for creating and managing PSL logbooks.

Currently at is accessed via This will change in March 2016 when Bricad Associates, Switzerland, takes over the hosting, support and development.