The Project Sustainability Logbook (PSL) guidelines, the basis for today's Project/Programme Sustainability Logbook (PPSL) system, describe the PPSL principles and the methods used to establish the issues, objective, performance targets and methods of evaluation used to define the sustainability of a built asset. 

Assets range from a building or service infrastructure to a group of designated buildings, infrastructure facilities and physical plant that are part of the urban environment (for example, a neighbourhood or a city block) and are designed to meet a specific urban function (for example, public transport or water supply). 

The 1st Edition 2013 of the guidelines are available in hard- and soft-copy from the FIDIC Bookshop.

The PSL Guidelines are accompanied by other publications in the PPSL Toolbox to support users of the PPSL system.

Under an agreement with the French consulting engineering association SYNTEC-Ingénierie and its partners in the development of the PPSL system, as from 1 January 2016 FIDIC, the International Federation of Consulting Engineers, becomes the publisher of the PPSL publications.

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