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The Project Sustainability Logbook (PSL) guidelines 1st Edition 2013, the basis for the PPSL system, published by the European Federation of Engineering Consultancy Associations (EFCA)  and the International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC, from its acronym in French) is essentially identical to the draft of the Project Sustainability Logbook published by FIDIC and EFCA in 2012 and released at the FIDIC World Consulting Engineering Conference in Seoul, South Korea, in September 2012.

The PSL Repertoire, also published by FIDIC and EFCA, is a translation by EFCA and FIDIC of part of the PSL Document Database (ISBN 978-2-9546181-0-4) published in France., the online PPSL users' platform was developed by SYNTEC-Ingénierie, France, which remans the copyright owner. Bricad Associates Sàrl, Switzerland, was licenced on 1 January 2016 to develop, host and exploit, with the PSL guidelines and PSL Repertoire and any of their updates being made available to the platform.